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Shirley and Edward Mitrovich, Teacher and Architect

Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I began investing with Zack and PA Deals in early 2011. Zack and his incredible team of experienced professionals will guide you through a process of investing in your future financial freedom. This team loves what they do and bring a great sense of committeemen, integrity, communication and support to their clients. Ideal has created a formula for successful investing in real estate that provides you with a solid and profitable plan designed for your personal situation. We are creating a portfolio of properties for our daughter who is about to enter college and a separate portfolio for our own personal wealth creation. This program is something you can and will feel good about and its great that you get to own tangible assets that have totally restored and managed for you. Everybody involved in this business model wins. We sincerely look forward to many more investments as we build our financial freedom with PA Deals!