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Sergio Briffa - Professinal Engineer

Harrisburg, PA

PA Deals is a great company that not only provides great real estate deals, they also provide the tools and education to help each investor succeed. As a new real estate investor with very little knowledge, I attended a seminar put on by Zack, Ryan, and Gregg of PA Deals. I knew that I wanted to begin investing, but I was not sure what strategies to employ and how to even get started. Zack sat down with me personally and went over my financial situation and helped me develop a long term plan to accomplish my goals.

I did not have very much money when I attended the first seminar Zack wanted to make sure I would be financially prepared to take on a real estate deal. Together we set up a time line and a target for the amount of cash I would need to get started. Once I reached the target, I was able to utilize the private financing offered through Zack to purchase my first property.

The beauty of it is that PA Deals has an acquisitions department that combs through properties daily in order to find the best deals. Using a tried and true formula, they only purchase and wholesale properties that have the potential to be profitable. This was a tremendous amount of help for me when I got started because I did not know where to begin to look for properties. Also, I did not have a whole lot of free time because I work full time. With a lot of the risk taken out of the equation and most of the up-front homework done for me, I got started on my property – a buy, fix, and sell. The money that I had to bring at the table at closing was very reasonable and the flexibility of using private financing allowed me to get started sooner than I thought possible. After closing, PA Deals provided me with a contractor referral and rehab consulting.

They helped me form a contract and a draw schedule and already had a rehab plan ready for me before I got started. Of course, as the investor I had the final say, but leaning on the experience of the PA Deals team helped me to make the best decisions. The contractor that I used did a very nice job and continually stayed in contact throughout the project. Gregg from PA Deals monitored the project closely to ensure that the rehab was performed as agreed upon in the contract. He did an inspection prior to each draw. The rehab finished just about on time and I was very happy with the finished product.

Next came the marketing. PA Deals helped me stage my property and did a phenomenal job. I used a realtor referred by the company as well. The property took a little bit longer to sell than I had hoped, which ate away at the projected profit, but it finally sold at full list price and I was still able to salvage a profit. Overall it was a very good first experience.