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Rose and Tony Bruce

New Cumberland, PA

A partnership with PA Deals will definitely make your real estate investment business grow! In just seven months, we bought 3 houses and a multi-unit building through them – all having a positive cash flow.

PA Deals had the confidence in us to succeed and walked us through the whole settlement process with their experienced business connections. Plus, the support does not end with the closing.

My husband was very skeptical in the beginning. The PA Deals team convinced him through their actions that they are the “real deal”. They do what they say and say what they mean. Zack and Gregg have followed through on everything they have promised, from after-purchase repairs to reimbursement for additional work.

For buy and hold properties, the management company is terrific. We used that service to find quality residents for our first two properties, and now have long-term tenants.

I look forward to growing our company. And, that future will certainly include property deals with PA Deals!