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Ron Birch

Lebanon, PA

For the past several years I have been intrigued about investing in real estate. My motivation being to diversify my retirement portfolio. I had seen ads in a newspaper about land investment in such places as Costa Rica and Wyoming to name a few. In fact I went as far as making a down payment on a parcel of land in Wyoming, only to acquire "cold feet" and backed out of the deal. Thank God I did get the down payment returned back to me. Then one day I heard on WHP580 radio about this turnkey real estate company called PA Deals. I had this in the back of my mind for about six months, then finally got the nerve to make the contact. So I went on-line to PA and came to meet Zack Wiest. I was most impressed with his no pressure approach which made me feel at ease. This of course was very important to me when having to make adecision about a large investment with my future. As Zack will attest, I did not make the decision quickly as I wanted to be sure I was making the right choice. Zack and his staff are very organized and presented the entire package in a careful and understanding way. I sincerely believe Zack to be a man of his word and definitely has an interest in taking care of his clients. I truly believe I have made the proper investment decision in working thru Ideal with the help of Zack Wiest.