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Neil Raup

Harrisburg, PA

I have done a handful of real estate deals in the past and have been reasonably successful at being a real estate investor. But this type of investing takes time to find the properties, fix them up, find a tenant and then there is all the effort to manage them. It is also a challenge to find properties that provide a decent cash flow. I was in a position to invest more but I wasn't ready to take on a full fixer-upper. I kept hearing PA Deals advertisements so I decided to attend one of their seminars. After listening to Zack and his team I was a little skeptical because it seemed too easy yet it was a perfect fit. I evaluated the deals being offered and decided it was worth pursuing. The PA Deals process covers everything from beginning to end and if there are any problems they will make it right. Zack's experience and knowledge is invaluable when it comes to real estate investing. Three cash flowing deals later and I am looking forward to many more. I would highly recommend them if you are a new investor or a seasoned investor.