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John Oskam

Palmyra, PA

I came across an internet advertisement for PA Deals, after reviewing the information on their website I realized that they were expressing exactly how I felt about buying an investment property. I have always wanted to buy an investment property but had no idea how to start and also no experience with managing a property. After consulting with my wife I contacted Zack. Over the phone he explained how PA Deals worked and also was very open and honest with how PA Deals earns their revenue. After that phone conversation we set up an initial appointment and from that point on we have pursued our dream of being owners of investment properties. We bought four properties from PA Deals and are looking forward to buying several more. The whole process was fairly painless and we were guided the whole way from the paperwork to setting us up with lenders that were great to work with. Currently I am unable to monitor my properties personally due to being far away from home but with PA Deals I am not worried at all. They have taken the pain out of buying and managing investment properties and are handling every thing for me.