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John and Cathy Vullo

Mechanicsburg, PA

PA Deals and Harrisburg Property Managerment Group both provide excellent service. Zack, Ryan, Gregg, Judah and staff are top notch. Cathy and I initially purchased a turn-key house from PA Deals, and hired Harrisburg Property Management Group to put a family into the home, maintain any problems that came up, and cultivate good tenant habits with "good housekeeping" inspections. This has resulted in a self-supporting property and income stream that we put in place and could forget about until tax time. At tax time, we receive an annual income/expense statement which we provide to the accountant, who does the rest. It is truly turn-key! We now have the same happy residents who have stayed for 4+ years. We continue to work with PA Deals on other real estate opportunities and the team exceeds  our expectations.