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Jeff Gaidos, Sales and Marketing Executive

Pittstown, NJ

In 2012, I began investigating real estate as an option to diversify my portfolio. My goal was to secure stable assets and create a steady income for my retirement years but I was concerned about the time, energy and knowledge that would be required. Zack Wiest helped me understand the real estate market and how to achieve my goals through a buy-and-hold strategy. I decided to give PA Deals a try and purchased three homes in order to evaluate Zack, Ideal and real estate investing. I chose Ideal based on their model of selling newly renovated homes and their ability to provide the knowledge, time and energy required to manage the properties. I was cautiously optimistic as the PA Deals model seemed almost too good to be true. To date, they have delivered on all of thier promises and I am very glad I made the decision to invest with PA Deals.

All of the homes I have purchased had tenants at closing and were cash flow positive from day one. As this is a long-term investment strategy for me, it is comforting to know that Zack and his senior team are all personally invested in the long-term sustainability of PA Deals and HPMG since this is how they are also managing their own personal investments. I would recommend PA Deals to anyone interested in a passive investment in real estate as the PA Deals team will manage all the day-to-day activities needed to make your investment successful.