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Geena Modi - Registered Pharmacist

York, PA

If you are a busy young professional and want to invest in real estate, PA Deals is your dream come true.

I have always wanted to invest in residential real estate but did not know how to find real estate at below market price which would produce a positive cash flow. I did not want the hassle of managing rental property, finding tenants, collecting rent, answering phone calls and doing maintenance. PA Deals takes care of all that. All I do is receive monthly checks and pay a few bills here and there; everything else is done for me. With three young kids and long hours as a pharmacist, I could not have managed it on my own. Total time invested in buying a property was less than two hours including collecting papers for the financing. In the current low mortgage rate and relatively low housing price environment, PA Deals provided me the opportunity I have been waiting for over ten years. Thanks guys for your professionalism and willingness to help me every step of the way.