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Dr. Rupen Parikh

Dallas, PA

I have always realized the short and long term benefits of investing in real estate however, as a busy Physician , I was not able to find the time to perform all of the up front study, due diligence and pure time involved in buying good investment real estate. Not only that, but I would never have had the time or even had an interest in managing the day to day duties of owning such a portfolio. That's where Zack Wiest came into play.

I was referred to Zack and PA Deals awhile back by two friends of mine who were investing with them. They explained to me how they made it easy for people like myself to invest in a passive manner and generate really great returns. I was slightly skeptical but because they were referred to me by people I trust, I gave it a shot. I currently own four townhomes I acquired from Zack and they all have performed as they projected they would. My total time commitment to do the deals has been limited to about 10 hours. I am excited to be working on my 5th deal with them currently. I recommend Zack and his real estate investing program to anyone looking for a proven system for achieving success with residential real estate.