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Portfolio Management
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Your Properties, Professionally Managed

The final step in the PA Deals program is stabilizing a client's entire real estate portfolio by placing highly qualified tenants into their properties. Once occupied, PA Deals' preferred property management team and sister company Harrisburg Property Management Group, handles all of the day-to-day duties associated with keeping that property paying dividends to the client.

Tasks such as lease signing, move-in inspections, monthly rent collection, conflict resolution, repair and maintenance, and monthly financial reporting are all duties carried out by the property management team. Net Property Proceeds. If using the PA Deals' program management resource, a client's involvement typically consists of approximately 15-30 minutes per month.

That time is used paying a few bills associated with the portfolio such as mortgage payments, taxes and insurance and reviewing the Month End Financial Statement which includes the "net proceeds check" which is simply the total rent collected minus any fees for the period.

  • Aggressive advertising of your property via online and off-line methods. They even use “online property syndication” to broadcast your property to over 27 online listing sites at the push of a button.
  • Showing of all of your properties to prospective tenants
  • Thorough screening of all prospective tenants
  • Preparation of all legal paperwork such as lease and addendum
  • Handling of the entire move in process
  • Pre- move in inspection with condition verification
  • Confirmation of utility transfers prior to move in
  • Section 8 move in process performed if Section 8 is used
  • Rent collection
  • Late notices
  • Eviction filings
  • Court appearances if needed when evicting
  • Lock out’s when needed
  • Unit turn overs after a vacancy
  • Ongoing repair
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Conflict resolution as needed
  • Random property inspections
  • Scheduled property inspections
  • Annual preventative maintenance inspections
  • Resident rewards programs to build rapport with your residents
  • Lease renewals
  • And much much more.
  • Administering a meaningful Resident Rewards Program that rewards your residents for good behavior and promotes long-term occupancy.
  • Only entering into 18 month leases or longer.
  • Never ending leases in the winter months.
  • Being very responsive to resident’s requests.
  • Utilizing leading edge software that allows you, as the owner, 24/7 online access to the details of every one of your properties and residents via an online owner’s portal.
PA Deals
What We Can Do For You
  • Generate returns of 15% or more on your invested capital.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio into quality real estate.
  • Create a sustainable stream of residual income.
  • Benefit from extremely favorable tax treatment.
  • Enjoy a semi-passive, turn-key investing experience.

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