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Real Estate Planning
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The first step of the PA Deals program is to determine the most logical "strategic plan" for each individual client. Everyone's objectives for investing in real estate are different, therefore, everyone's plan needs to be unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

PA Deals spends time up-front to get to know their investors, understand their investment goals, and determine individual risk tolerance. A customized plan is drafted outlining what types of real estate should be bought, how many properties, at what price point, in what time frame this should be accomplished and many other critical factors. This personal strategic plan becomes the blueprint for each client.

  • 01
    Section One: Clear Objectives

    Typically three to five of your clearly stated objectives for investing in real estate and the goals you wish to achieve.

  • 02
    Section Two: Available Capital

    A summary of your available capital and its sources. This is typically sourced via Liquid Cash, Brokerage Accounts, Home Equity Lines, Lines of Credit, IRA, 401k, SEP or Private Lenders.

  • 03
    Section Three: Financing (if needed)

    This need varies by client but is typically based on Residential 30 Year Fixed Rate Financing with a 20% down payment. This is most often sourced through small, local banks that have formed strategic partnerships with PA Deals.

  • 04
    Section Four: Recommended Lenders

    PA Deals provides you with several recommendations of lenders along with their contact information and current loan programs including prevailing interest rates and terms, and a list of their pros and cons. PA Deals is here to offer guidance on which choice is best for your individual situation.

  • 05
    Section Five: Deal Structuring

    Some clients will buy real estate in their own name, some will buy in separate corporate entities. PA Deals will help you determine the most effective and appropriate manner for you to take title to property.

  • 06
    Section Six: Insurance

    Property Insurance as well as Liability and Asset protection are a big deal for most of PA Deals' clients. Your plan ensures that you are properly insured and protected. You will receive the contact information on an agent that can represent you in the best possible manner.

  • 07
    Section Seven: Property Suggestions

    PA Deals will provide you with the following property recommendations: type of properties, classes of properties, number of properties and capital required.

  • 08
    Section Eight: Actions & Timeline

    PA Deals provides you with a list of Action Items broken into phases each detailing: property type and class, date of acquisition, date cash flow begins and step by step instructions of this deal.

  • 09
    Section Nine: Cash Flow Objectives

    How Much Cash Flow per Property? What Will You do with the Cash Flow?Overall Cash Flow Summary?

  • 10
    Section Ten: Strategic Tax Planning

    Review of you current tax situation. Recommendations on how to save money on your taxes. Exact instructions on what you can and cannot write off. Estimate of your overall tax savings by executing this Strategic Plan.

  • 11
    Section Eleven: Overall Summary

    High level review of how this plan can meet your stated goals.

  • 12
    Section Twelve: Closing

    Tying it all up.

PA Deals
What We Can Do For You
  • Generate returns of 15% or more on your invested capital.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio into quality real estate.
  • Create a sustainable stream of residual income.
  • Benefit from extremely favorable tax treatment.
  • Enjoy a semi-passive, turn-key investing experience.

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