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A Proven Three Step System

The PA Deals real estate investment opportunity is built on sound fundamentals, time-tested systems and above average investment returns.

PA Deals enables serious individuals to acquire top quality, investment grade real estate in a structured manner where potential risks are aggressively managed. No experience in real estate is required and your involvement can be 100% passive if desired.

Long-term success in real estate cannot be left to chance and by working with PA Deals it won't be! The first step is to determine the most logical "strategic plan" for each individual client.

Everyone's objectives for investing in real estate are different, therefore, everyone's plan will be different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. PA Deals spends time up-front to get to know their investors, understand their objectives for investing in real estate, and determine individual risk tolerance.

A customized plan is drafted that outlines what types of real estate should be bought, how many properties, what price point the homes should be at, in what time frame this should be accomplished and many other critical factors.

Step Two of the PA Deals program is to begin building your real estate portfolio. PA Deals ' highly skilled team begins hand-selecting, from their inventory, top quality investment properties that fulfill the objectives of a client's strategic plan. Experts at finding the very best real estate bargains throughout Central PA, PA Deals markets aggressively to capture these properties for their clients.

All properties are vetted by their experienced team to ensure they meet the very highest investment standards. These properties are always in economically sound locations, have strong fundamental financials and all offerings are completely redeveloped emphasizing the big ticket, mechanical items of each and every property.

These properties are exclusive to PA Deals and not available anywhere else. They are not listed with real estate agents and never offered to the general public.

The final step in the PA Deals program is stabilizing a client's entire real estate portfolio by placing highly qualified tenants into their properties. Once occupied, the in-house property management team handles all of the day-to-day duties associated with keeping that property paying dividends to the client. Tasks such as lease signings, move-in inspections, monthly rent collection, conflict resolution, repair and maintenance, and monthly financial reporting are all duties carried out by the property management team.

When using the management resource of the PA Deals ' program client involvement typically consists of approximately 15 - 30 minutes per month. That time is used paying a few bills associated with the portfolio such as mortgage payments, taxes and insurance and reviewing the Month End Financial Statement. Included with the Month End Financial Statement will be the "net proceeds check" which is simply the total rent collected minus any fees for the period.

PA Deals
What We Can Do For You
  • Generate returns of 15% or more on your invested capital.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio into quality real estate.
  • Create a sustainable stream of residual income.
  • Benefit from extremely favorable tax treatment.
  • Enjoy a semi-passive, turn-key investing experience.

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