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 Are the properties PA Deals sells already rehabbed?

Yes, all of the properties we sell are rehabbed from top to bottom with careful consideration given to the big ticket items that can rob an investor of long term cash flow. All of our rehabs place a major focus on repairing and / or replacing all of the major components of a house. When rehabbing a property, we ensure that the HVAC system, electrical system, plumbing system, windows, and roofs are all new or have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. There is nothing worse than buying an investment property just to find out that you need to replace the heating system in your first year of ownership. In addition to the major components being upgraded, we always look to create a cosmetically appealing house with a lot of neutral colors to appeal to the masses. Most homes include new carpeting, new paint, new kitchens and new baths. Typically our homes far exceed the quality and look of similar rental homes in the neighborhood.

 Are there any costs to become a client of PA Deals and access their program?

No, there are no costs whatsoever to become a client of PA Deals and there are never any ongoing costs to remain a client. PA Deals generates revenue by selling top quality investment properties to its client base and provides consultation, on-going support, and all the other amazing client benefits at absolutely no cost.

Note – If you desire or require a “passive” investment experience with us, then there will be costs associated with portfolio management services. All of these costs are always taken into consideration when we analyze our properties performance so if you chose not to use our portfolio management services you will simply earn a greater return on your investment.

 Can investing in real estate really be passive?

Well, almost. We like to consider our model to be "semi-passive" real estate investing. Investing in real estate with PA Deals can be semi-passive in the sense that you "manage your manager" and allow them to do all of the day to day duties. Your involvement and time commitment is typically less than 5 hours a month for a 10 home portfolio. We have designed our program around the fact that most our clients have no experience in real estate and want nothing to do with the day to day management of their portfolio! Investing with PA Deals can be semi-passive due to the fact that our sister company, Harrisburg Property Management Group, offers full service portfolio management.

 Can you provide me with names and contact information on others who have been successful with PA Deals?

Absolutely, it would be our pleasure to do just that. We have many clients from diverse backgrounds that have been through our entire process and who would love to share their stories and experiences with you. More than likely we have someone just like you investing with us right now and we would love to put them in touch with you. Our clients come from all across the United States. When you speak with a PA Deals Counselor simply ask for the Reference List. You may contact one of our Counselors by calling 717.901.7763. We have made sure to include older clients who have been with us for many years and clients who just closed on their first deal with us so there is a very diverse group of people who you can speak with.

 Cash Flow of $1200 to $3,600 per year doesn't really excite me and I'm not sure investing in real estate would even be worth it for such a little bit of money.

Positive cash flow of $1,200 to $3,600 per year may not do much for you; however, it will do tremendous things for your property and its debt. Did you know that if you earned a modest $1,800 net positive cash flow per year and applied all of it to accelerate the principal reduction of your mortgage, that you could pay off a $70,000, 30 year mortgage in 15 years! Half the time! Don’t be so quick to discount the power of a small, modest cash flow because if used correctly, it can change the entire financial picture of your portfolio. Do you know what the positive cash flow of this same property will be in 15 years when the mortgage is paid off? It is about $9,000 per year NET! Imagine if you did this 10 times, that’s $90,000 a year income for life plus you own 10 properties FREE and CLEAR!

In addition to the above, the benefits of investing in real estate far exceed “net positive cash flow” and in fact, positive cash flow is only one small reason to invest in real estate. The combined effect of monthly debt reduction, favorable tax treatment, ongoing appreciation, forced future appreciation, pride of ownership and the fact that you control your success are all reasons enough to invest in real estate even if you were to break even from a cash flow perspective! We’ve even known people, smart people to lose money every month and still come out on top over the course of time. If you buy the right property, cash flow should simply be the icing on the cake as you will realize many other more important, long term benefits.

 Do I own the investment property I buy from PA Deals or am I buying into a fund?

You own 100% of the property you buy from PA Deals. All of our properties are sold to our clients free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and all of our properties carry with them free and clear marketable title.

 How do I become a client of PA Deals and start creating wealth investing in real estate?

We recommended attending either an online Webinar or one of our monthly Live Events. Both are totally free and there is absolutely nothing for sale. We teach the most important parts of investing in real estate and then show you how to work with us for free. We always receive extremely positive feedback and have had people tell us it was the best event they ever attended on real estate. This is not a get rich in real estate seminar or hyped up sales pitch. This is timely, relevant information used to achieve real success as a real estate investor.

 How many deals has PA Deals completed?

The founder and CEO of PA Deals has bought and sold over 1,300 properties since the year 2000. The total fair market value of real estate purchased by the CEO of PA Deals exceeds $125,000,000. Currently PA Deals acquires and sells more than 100 properties per year, year after year.

 How much money is required to buy a property from PA Deals?

Most of our clients like to use the power of leverage and take advantage of our investor friendly financing options. If you wish to use financing to acquire properties from PA Deals then most of our deals are structured with you bringing 20% - 25% of the purchase price as your down payment. The majority of the rest of the costs are typically paid for by us in the form of “seller help”, up to 2% of the sales price in most cases. The average amount of money required to buy a property from PA Deals, if you are using financing, is $15,000 to $30,000 depending on the price of the home. We work aggressively and intimately with our preferred lenders to ensure our clients are always being offered the most competitive, cost effective, and investor friendly financing available!

 If I chose to have Harrisburg Proeprty Management Group manage my portfolio, when do I get paid and how do I get paid?

If you chose to have HPMG [our preferred property manager] manage your portfolio, they will process a monthly P and L for you. Each month they will direct deposit your net proceeds check into your bank account. The “net proceeds check” is the amount of money left over after deducting their 8% management fee and any other expenses within that month from your total collected rent.

 If I were to buy a property from PA Deals, what information do I get on the investment?

Besides looking at each deal in person and evaluating the property alongside of one of the Investment Counselors at PA Deals, all of our clients receive a Property Profile on each and every asset they add to their portfolio. Within this Property Profile you will receive:

  • Detailed Property Description
  • Executive Summary with a Financial Overview of the Deal
  • Detailed Photos of Interior and Exterior
  • Map and Aerial View of the Location
  • Comprehensive List of Repairs Completed at the Property
  • Cash on Cash Return Projection Report
  • Debt Coverage Ratio Projection Report
  • 20 Year Cash Flow and Expense Analysis

This is a great tool for you to evaluate the potential performance of a deal and plenty of information for you to make an educated decision.

 What are the requirements to become a client of PA Deals and qualify to buy investment properties?

You must simply have the real ability to pay cash or finance the purchase of investment property. This requires cash and / or good credit, sufficient income and liquid cash for down payment and reserves.

 What can I expect on the initial call with a PA Deals Counselor?

Well, what you won’t experience is an annoying, high pressure sales pitch! We’ve sat on the other end of too many of those calls and that’s not how we do business. All that happens during this initial call is that one of our Counselors will give you an overview of our program and then answer all of your questions. Once your questions are satisfactorily answered, the Counselor will ask you a few simple questions to make sure we are right for you. If you we are, and you are interested in learning more, then the Counselor will arrange a private, one on one consultation for you to come to our Corporate Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA meet our staff, CEO and learn more.

 What happens at the private, one-on-one consultation?

At this private, one-on-one consultation you will meet some of the staff at PA Deals, take a quick tour of the Corporate Headquarters and go through a very detailed presentation that will walk you step by step through the entire program. You will see real life case studies of deals done within days of your meeting. The counselor you meet with will discuss your goals and reasons for wanting to invest in real estate. Together, you and the counselor will determine if it is a good fit. If everyone agrees it is a good fit then the counselor will help you create a customized plan for you to invest with. This customized plan will be your blueprint for all of your future investments with PA Deals.

 What is the average cash flow of a PA Deals property?

If you decide to use financing, which 80% of our clients do, the typical PA Deals home will have a pre tax, net positive cash flow of between $1,200 and $3,600 per year after all real expenses are considered. Class A homes will have less cash flow [$1,200 per year] but a greater chance of appreciation and most certainly more pride of ownership. Less expensive homes such as Class B and C will generate greater returns [$2,400 - $3,600 per year] but more than likely not generate high levels of appreciation and will not provide tremendous pride of ownership. Please also note that when we analyzes cash flow on one of our properties we always take into account ALL realistic expenses. The expenses taken into consideration to arrive at a properties cash flow are:

  • Vacancy Factor of 5% of Gross Income
  • Owner Paid Utilities [if any]
  • Property Insurance
  • Property Taxes Property
  • Management Fees of 8% of Gross Rent
  • Repair and Maintenance Reserve of 5% of Gross Income
 What is the average cash-on-cash return of a PA Deals property?

The average “cash-on-cash” return realized by our clients is between 8% – 15% depending on the home and the homes expenses. Nicer, more expensive homes will return less than cheaper, less desirable properties due to the price point and in most cases, higher overall costs.

 What is the average cost of a PA Deals property?

The average cost of a PA Deals investment property is $70,000 – $125,000. We have found this price range to be our “sweet spot” here in Central PA. Much lower than this and you will be in neighborhoods you may not feel safe in and much higher than this you just won’t cash flow.

 What types of properties are offered by PA Deals?

PA Deals offers high quality, completely renovated single family homes. Because one of our goals is stability and safety for our clients, we do not buy or sell multi-family or commercial property. We feel well-located, quality built homes are the safest bet for most investors. And single family homes are typically easier to sell at a retail price upon exit later on in life. And finally, we feel that no matter what happens in our country from an economic standpoint, well-located homes will always have value due to the fact that they provide one of our basic needs in the form of shelter. All of our homes are located in Dauphin and Cumberland County Pennsylvania. All of our properties are located in economically stable areas where people want to live and raise families. We do not buy or sell properties in drug infested, war zone like locations.

Our properties must meet very strict criteria for our Acquisitions Team to even consider it. The main criteria we look for in a deal takes 98% of our leads out of the buying equation from the start. We hand select each and every deal to make sure it meets the highest investing standards. As investors ourselves, we understand that real success starts by finding the right deal and our Acquisitions Team are experts at finding, evaluating, negotiating, and ultimately purchasing the very best properties our market has to offer. To give you an idea of how particular we are, on average we review, analyze and make offers on over 300 properties per month and the end result is that we only acquire about 10 of these.

There is a tremendous amount of hard work, due diligence and expertise required to operate at our level and our clients benefit from the fact that we have bought more than 1,200 properties in our career. To this day we acquire more than 100 properties per year and keep a constant and accurate pulse on the markets in which we invest. We absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt that there is no other person or company in Central PA that can even come close to offering the types of quality investment properties we do.

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  • Benefit from extremely favorable tax treatment.
  • Enjoy a semi-passive, turn-key investing experience.

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